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A reminder for me; and any of you, if you need it.

It’s been too long…

Exhausted. Soaking wet. Under slept. Drained. #vintage

The only way to finish a 12-hour day.

Inspiration; get in me.

Bushfire smoke drifting north to us from Victoria. #australia #vicfires

Accurate for the most part of the last decade of my life.

(via ilovecharts)

Bonnet Buddha.

Next read. Right after this quarter’s asylum seeker issue of Dumbo Feather. #books #asylumseekers #refugees #politics #australia



Flying towards the sunrise is always a fascinating thing. #australia

To be informed is to be empowered. And there is nothing wrong with intellectualism.

Grass, sunshine and Perth. (at Kings Park and Botanic Garden)