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You don’t say it to glorify war. You might say it because someone that shared your blood died at the hands of another, both fighting for causes they deemed bigger than themselves. You say it to remember that men develop poisonous hearts that lead them to justify the deaths of many in this thing we call war; fighting either against, or for their ideas and their gain. You say it because we still do that today. You say it because you feel lucky knowing that someone just like you was once called upon to fight someone just like you simply because you found yourselves on opposite sides of an ideal or interest or event, and yet that was not you. You say it because, while you despise the notions of war, you recognise the sacrifice of those that fought for your right to wake up free this morning - though you wish there be no need for such a fight in the first place. You say it because someone fought for you to have a longer life than their own. You say it because you believe that, of all things human beings do to each other, war is one of the worst. You say it because you hate war. And because you love life. To say “thank you”, to say “never again”, to ask for peace. And to remember.

Lest we forget.

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